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We also support the foundation Keep your hair. A charitable organization whose mission is to help chemotherapy patients who wish to keep their hair during treatment using the cooling cap method. 

hair donations

''The mission of the DonEspoir Cancer foundation is simple. You donate your hair and we make wigs to give for free to a child who has lost their hair to Cancer.''

Hair accepted:


  • Hair should be clean

  • Hair should be dry

  • Hair must be a minimum of 12 inches in length

  • The ends of the hair must be healthy, otherwise it must be cut before calculating the length. Curly hair must remain curly for measuring and shipping.

  • The hair must be gathered in the form of duvets, held by rubber bands at both ends and packaged in a Ziploc® type bag.

  • Bleached, gray or chemically treated hair is acceptable

  • Hair dyed with natural colors (even permanent), degraded or with streaks are accepted

Denied hair:


  • Loose, dirty or wet hair.

  • Hair with so-called “funky” colors (purple, orange, blue, pink, green, etc.) 

  • Damaged hair. In the case of damaged hair, it is better to cut the damaged end before cutting the quilt.

In the salon: 

We can cut or simply collect your hair in the salon. We then send your hair to the foundation! ​

All of the hair collected is used here, in Quebec, and intended for Quebecers. 

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