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General information and frequently asked questions


Hair extensions in Quebec

Hair extensions in Quebec can sometimes be difficult to find. There are not many retailers that offer hair extensions locally in Quebec because themajority can be found online. The Orly salon has always been the reference for hair extensions in Montreal and Quebec because we have been doing this for over 20 years. We offer hair extensions at low prices. EnouragVisit local salons and boutiques! Check us out today by visiting our boutique/hair salon! 

Hair extensions: discover our hair extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect method to get longer, fuller (thick) hair right away. Drastically change your look with our quality hair extensions 100% real human / natural hair. The hair extensions/extensions you will find at Orly are made of soft, silky and shiny hair that blends discreetly and naturally with your own hair. Our high quality hair extensions are grade 100% remy hair. 


Before applying hair extensions, we recommend that you visit our hair salon in Montreal for a free consultation. You will be told in detail how hair extensions work and everything you need to know about hair extensions. We can also do the consultation by phone with you if you fill in this form  and we will explain the different extensions possible for you. Keep in mind that the consultation by phone is free! Whether it's for the price of hair extensions, how the installation of hair extensions works, how to maintain them or general questions, we are at your disposal.

Here are the hair extensions we offer at the salon:

  • Clip-in hair extensions

  • Tape-in hair extensions

  • Micro Bead Hair Extensions

  • Keratin Hair Extensions

  • Sewn-in hair extensions (weave) 

For the complete list of all the hair extensions we offer in our salon in Montreal, do not hesitate to visit us or contact us by phone. It will be our pleasure to guide you step by step about hair extensions.

Price for hair extensions

The price for a hair extension installation will depend on the technique and your wishes. If you want to wear hair extensions occasionally, we recommend clip-in hair extensions. These are extensions that install in a short time. In fact, this typeHair extension is always popular because it's easy and simple to install. If, on the other hand, you are looking for semi-permanent hair extensions, that is to say that we have to do the hair extensions in the salon, there are several choices available to you. For example, you can opt for sewn-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, keratin hair extensions and micro-bead hair extensions. Contact us for an exact price of a pose of natural hair extensions. We love hearing from you!

Installation of hair extensions

There are many benefits to doing hair extensions. Few women go for hair extensions, yet it's one of the surest ways to have a drastic change. Sometimes your hair is short, thin, or just not to your liking. So, a pose of hair extensions allows you to change your look quickly in a discreet and safe way.


The quality of the hair extensions application will be the most determining factor regarding the look and duration of the extensions. If you have already had hair extensions installed, but did not like the experience, we invite you to visit our boutique and hair salon in Montreal. We have been doing hair extensions for over 20 years now. So we have solid experience in the installation of hair extensions.


Although we are in Montreal, you do not have to visit us in the salon to have more information about the poses of hair extensions. You can simply give us a call or fill out our free consultation form. 


We use natural hair extensions. The natural quality we use is called 100% real human remy hair. It is a quality of hair that makes hair extensions look natural and therefore will blend naturally with your hair. Our hair extensions poses come with free touch-ups for 7 days.


We make sure to listen to your needs and offer you the different solutions that our salon offers. Our different hair extension techniques are available to you, regardless of your budget. Whether it's a limited budget or not, we have the solution for you when it comes time to do a hair extension pose. The best place to get hair extensions in Montreal? The Orly Lounge! 

African Braids Montreal

Salon Orly is a hair salon in Montreal specializing in hair extensions. We offer the service of braiding by ticouris, glued mats, African braids and different designs. We have several extensions and colors for braiding and it's a way to change your look without damaging your hair. Bring your children to make braids and put on the colors they want. We also have hair in wefts, also known as sewn-in extensions. The quality of our hair is available in several grades. Find out why the Orly salon is renowned for braiding and weaving natural hair. Our technicians are trained and certified in hair extensions. Check us out today by visiting our boutique/hair salon! 


We are also wig specialists in Montreal. We offer quality wigs for women and men in 100% real human hair quality (100% human hair) and we also offer quality synthetic wigs for smaller budgets. Several models, colors and lengths of wigs are offered at low prices. Come and visit our hair salon which is also a wig shop. You can try several models of wigs andt choose the perfect wig. Our experts will be at your disposal if you need advice.

Wigs Montreal

The choice of a wig is very advantageous and all the girls who, one day, had to wear one will be able to confirm it to you. For several reasons, we all need to own at least one wig. The selection criteria may vary depending on your tastes, the use you intend to make and other elements. There are natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. In Montreal, Salon Orly is seen as the ideal boutique for quality Montreal wigs. We offer natural hair wigs at low prices. Come see our wigs in Montreal!

Benefits of putting on a wig

The benefits of putting on a natural hair wig are far greater than you may have ever suspected. First of all, it allows you to benefit from a beautiful hairstyle without even having to make any effort. Just slip it on to look even more gorgeous than usual. Whether it's for a celebration, an important occasion, for work, to appear on television or to restore your confidence, a wig will give you a magnificent hairstyle. 


Since a wig can be removed at any time, you can wash it and use moisturizers so that it always preserves its beautiful appearance. It is also possible to opt for a wig for medical reasons. Indeed, some people who suffer from significant hair loss or who have cancer may decide to wear wigs.

Wigs Montreal: Choosing the right natural hair wig

The choice of a natural hair wig must take into consideration several elements. We can mention the cut, the color, the comfort, but also the price. These elements are mainly chosen according to the use you want to make of them. Indeed, if you have to wear the wig frequently and you are a fairly active person, it is still better to opt for a short haircut. It is light, comfortable and offers the possibility of practicing all forms of activity without discomfort. The same is also true during periods such as summer, when temperatures become very high. The short cut will prevent you from sweating more. If you want to put the wig on the occasion of a special event (wedding, dinner, other form of ceremony), a long cut could be quite suitable. During night parties, the wig with long locks could make you remarkably attractive. There is a wide selection of wigs. Depending on the shape of your face, you can always opt for a wig that will put you particularly forward. Great importance should also be given to the wig cap. It should always bring you comfort and should aim to restore the appearance of the scalp. It can also influence the price of the wig. Check us out today by visiting our boutique/hair salon! 

Opt for the Orly Lounge in Montreal  for cheap quality wig

For more than 20 years now, the Salon Orly has been evolving in the hair care field. The boutique makes quality extensions and wigs available to residents of Montreal. Whatever you need, you can always find it at the Orly lounge. The store features hundreds of wig models, all of impeccable quality. Whether you want to get a short, medium or long wig, you can easily achieve it. The wigs at the Orly salon s'addressed to everyone. As such, it is also important to specify that the salon offers natural wigs, but also synthetic wigs. So no matter the budget you are ready to make available, know that satisfaction will always be there. A quality team will be at your disposal to help you make the right choice. Moreover, you can always try a large number of wigs for free, before making the purchase. The Orly salon is definitely the ideal store for obtaining a quality wig. Wigs Montreal. Check us out today by visiting our boutique/hair salon! 

Natural or synthetic hair quality wig?

In most cases, the choice of a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is based on price. You should also be aware that the natural wig can react to weather changes, the same way your hair does. Frizz in case of humidity in the air can absolutely occur. But the natural wig can last a very long time, which is not necessarily the case with the synthetic wig. The natural wig can be styled in different ways, while the synthetic wig always maintains the same look. In foAccording to your expectations, your needs, but also (and above all) your budget, you can choose between a natural hair wig or a synthetic wig. Salon Orly's hairdressers are very available and take the necessary time to help you in your choice.


Custom Wigs in Montreal

We offer wig customization service in Montreal. We can cut, style, color or highlight your natural wig (human hair). Check us out today by visiting our boutique/hair salon! 

Benefits of wearing a wig

The reasons why a person may decide to put ae wig are very numerous, but the main thing remains that it offers a beautiful and effortless hairstyle. The wigs at the Orly Salon in Montreal ensure real satisfaction, regardless of your needs, tastes and expectations. 

Why opt for a wig?

A wig can be human, horse, or even synthetic. For personal, aesthetic reasons, professional reasons, medical reasons, to comply with a religious or cultural prescription, a person may feel the need to obtain a wig.


Another suffering from cancer, or any other form of myladie who can cause significant hair loss can also opt for the wig. In biblical Judaism, the law required married women to cover their heads. The latter opted for the wearing of wigs, so as not to let anything appear from their hair. It must be said that in Judaism, modesty is above all a means of creating intimacy and it is this role that the wig fulfills perfectly. There are also people who decide to put on the wig to follow fashion, to match their gender, to hide their hair loss, or for actors who wear wigs to get closer to their characters. In any case, the use of a wig may well be justified.

The Many Benefits of Wearing a Wig

Due to its ease of use (fixing on the head and removing at any time), the wig has a large number of advantages. To list them, we should start by talking about the most obvious aspect of wearing a wig, the aesthetic aspect. There are several shapes of wigs: short cuts, long cuts, curly hair, wavy hair, with or without bangs / toupee, etc. Each peAnyone, regardless of their tastes, as well as their personality, has the possibility of getting a wig that will perfectly meet their expectations. The other advantage with wearing a wig concerns its “ready to go” character. Just remove the wig from its packaging and put it on your head, and you're ready to go. Under these conditions, it is clear that the wig facilitates existence at best.

Synthetic wig

There are two (2) categories of wigs mainly: the synthetic wig and the natural wig. The synthetic wig does not require large expenses and gives you an equally satisfactory result. This kind of wigs is made of different kinds of artificial fibers.they. Synthetic wigs are lightweight and can sometimes look as natural as your real hair. There is a wide variety of synthetic hair, with colors of all kinds. Today you can opt for a short curly haircut, the next day for long straight hair, the day after for a small colored fringe. The synthetic wig offers you the possibility to have the look you want without any effort and without incurring a large expense. Caring for a synthetic wig is also very easy, much easier than caring for your own hair or other types of wigs. The synthetic wig covers the same look without any change. The color does not change and it does not fear humidity or the sun. Whether you want to get a natural or fancy wig, you can always find what you are looking for. Orly salon wigs in montreal always guarantee your satisfaction. The only problem with the synthetic wig is that it does not last very long, at least not as long as a natural wig. It is also important to specify that the synthetic wig does not support heat. Avoid: hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons.

Natural human wig

The natural wig is the wig made essentially of human hair. It can be Brazilian hair, Indian hair or Russian hair. The natural wig is therefore very realistic. It offers a natural effect. The natural wig is also very long lasting and can be styled and customized. It is therefore normal that the natural wig costs much more thanand the synthetic wig. But once you get it, you won't need any other form of hairstyle. The natural wig can be styled in different ways. If for the synthetic wig, you had to get several to always look different, with a single natural wig, you can make as many changes as you want. You can also color it if you want. However, be aware that the natural wig remains very sensitive. You should avoid brushing it too hard or using certain heated styling tools. The natural wig is also quite heavy.

Maintenance of a wig

The maintenance of wigs is not very complicated. If you have decided to get a synthetic wig, all you need to do is simply wash and dry it. To do this, you will need to shampoo it in cool water and always be sure to choose suitable shampoos.your. If your wig is impregnated with an odor of any kind (which is quite common with synthetic wigs), you can put a spoonful of baking soda in the water. It can be fat, frying, or whatever, but baking soda eliminates all forms of odors. To dry, lay the wig on a flat towel, or put it on a mannequin. Before washing your synthetic wig, always be sure to detangle it using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Start at the tips and work your way up to the roots. A natural wig requires the same care as your hair. This is the reason why you must wash it and accompany it with moisturizers and styling, so that it preserves its natural shine. Instead of hot water, the natural wig is washed with cold water. The shampoo must always be soft and after having finished, you must blow-dry it, imperatively. In stores or even on the internet, you will find a wide choice of accessories for wigs, whether synthetic or natural, as well as perfectly adapted treatments (shampoos, conditioners, styling wax, wig dryer, etc.).

Conservation of a wig

The wig is a rather fragile and delicate accessory. This is the reason why you must be careful to keep it well. Thus, it will be able to benefit from an even longer lifespan than that expected. To do this, you must start by determining how often you wear your wig. A wig that you wear every day, whether synthetic or natural, must have a wig holder where it will hang. However, please never put your wig holder in the bathroom. Humidity does not have an encouraging effect on a wig, this should always be taken into account. By choosing a wig stand, the wig always retains its shape and appearance. You won't have to strain yourself with blowss of incessant combing, the hair will not tangle. If then, you find yourself unable to obtain a wig holder, you can put the wig back in its packaging, after use and after combing. But this kind of conservation method is especially to be applied for the synthetic wig, since it always recovers its initial shape and without effort. The use of an undercap before putting on your wig also allows you to extend the natural wig and limit cleaning. The bamboo under-cup is a natural and antibacterial material. It improves comfort and at the same time limits the effects of sweating.

How to fix your wig?

Wigs are showing more and more innovation in terms of comfort, aesthetics, but also naturalness. The wigs in our salon in Montreal are all very beautiful and could suit anyone. However, to be sure to have the most satisfactory result, you must take care to fix your wig well. The synthetic wig, for example, is speciallightly. You could easily lose it without realizing it.

Putting on your wig is done in four (4) steps. First, after removing the wig from the wig holder, you will need to shake it to air it out. This will also give it a little more volume than usual. Then you will need to place it back and forth. Be sure to put it on low on the forehead, then position it, 4 fingers above the eyebrows. The third step consists of correctly positioning the retaining tabs (clips) on the temples, while pressing them down. Finally, style it in the style you want. The hairstyle can be done with your fingers, just like you can use another method. By ensuring that the wig is properly attached, you can always continue to carry out your activities with complete ease and without the risk of it falling off. For added security, you can use pins.



Things to avoid when putting on a wig

The wig has many advantages, in that it can be taken off and put back on at any time. However, always keep in mind that the synthetic wig does not support heat very well and the natural wig is quite heavy. So, always avoid swimming in the pool, or at the beach with a wig. Also avoid approaching any source of intense heat, whether it is a barbecue, candles, oven, lighter, boiling water vapor, or other. Not only can this be dangerous, but it could also damage the wig, but in addition the heat+wig mixture that goes down on the face is always to be avoided. He can get you buttons. 

Price of a wig

The price of a wig varies mainly depending on the material. You should know that synthetic wigs are always exchanged at very affordable prices. These kinds of wigs don't require a big outlay and just for $100 (and even less) you can get yourself a beautiful synthetic fiber wig. On the other hand, for a natural wig, you will always have to have a budget of at least 300 dollars. There are natural wigs that can fetch thousands of dollars. The price of a wig varies depending on its length, quality and color. The longer the hair, the higher the price. Other criteria that may come into play when determining the price include the cap. Full lace cap wigs usually cost much more than 100% handmade cap wigs. There are also lace front, monofilament, braid, etc. The type of hairstyle can also influence the price. Long straight wigs are much more expensive than wavy wigs. The curly hairstyle can also become very expensive. 

Where to buy his wig?

Whether you need a natural wig or a synthetic wig, the best place to buy wigs in Montreal is at Salon Orly. The wigs we have in Montreal are of impeccable quality. They are comfortable, beautiful and would make anyone happy. If you want to get a beautiful hairstyle without having to spend a lot of money, go for the synthetic wig. If you want to have a beautiful wig that lasts a very long time, the natural wig is exactly what you need. The Orly salon in Montreal sells cheap wigs in Montreal. 


For hair extensions / extensions, wigs, hairpieces, volumizer - Topper, ponytail - Ponytail, clip-in extensions / extensions, micro-bead extensions / extensions, keratin extensions / extensions, braids with extensions/extensions, African braids, Salon Orly in Montreal is the place to visit. 


For instantly long, voluminous hair, ogo for extensions or wigs at Salon Orly in Montreal.

For more volume or for highlights or coloring without damaging the hair, opt for extensions or wigs at Salon Orly in Montreal 

For oncology wigs, show wigs, television wigs, post-chemotherapy wigs, for everyday or occasional wigs, opt for wigs at Salon Orly in Montreal 

We have real 100% natural human hair and synthetic hair. We have extension extensions and high quality wigs and extensionsluxury extensions. 

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